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Leroy Merlin – Mixed media 2D/3D project

Summer project in winter for a web-centric operation

In collaboration with the BETC agency, we took up the challenge of creating a plant labyrinth to simulate the different rooms of a house in an outdoor garden in a studio. The main difficulty was, of course, interweaving a natural setting into a studio environment using 3D.

Enter behind the scenes of a 100% Evo production.

• Artistic direction • Post-prod. image • Stage management & deco • Photo studio • Stylism • 3D

EVO images - Mixed-medias-3D-Leroy merlin
EVO images - croquis préparatoire - Mixed-medias-3D-Leroy merlin

The results

Drag the central cursor …

Shooting in the studio

Image with 3D inlay and post-production work (colour saturation, retouches, etc.)

Behind the scenes of the project

Let’s dish you some secrets …

The logistics, art direction, photographers, stylists, deco and 3D teams worked together to bring about the idea and deliver the visuals in time …

But how did they do it?